Bincy pillai1My experience!!: Awesome, I’d say!  I think it was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had. Come to think of it I even think I made a fool of myself, since I’d never taught kids before. All their antics reminded me of my school days.  I found myself even more interested in teaching, spending time with the children and helping them get a shot at a better education and life! That one hour with them is as exhausting as spending a day at work! – Anushya Prasad, Technical Writer with ThoughtWorks

-Anushya Prasad, Project Manager, ThoughtWorks, Pune.

Dhwni pictureBefore my first class, I was very nervous and worried about the way I will be conducting the class and the response that I might get from the students. But as we progressed I became more confident and it became easier to teach them. Initially it was very difficult to control the class because the students were not very receptive. But as I moved on with the classes I introduced different learning techniques and various learning activities which the students enjoyed. Teaching these children always gave me a sense of satisfaction that I am able to contribute towards society and able to use my capability for the betterment and growth of underprivileged children. Overall it was a wonderful experience and I look forward to taking some more classes again.

-Dhwni Patel – Business Consultant, Infosys, Pune.

Jaslene BawaI love teaching kids as they make you relive your childhood all over again. The first time I took a class I was very nervous as to how the children would take to me. But after the class got over I felt a feeling of exhiliration sweep over me coupled with a sense of satisfaction. Since then I have never looked back and have always look forward to teaching the enthusiastic group of children.

-Jaslene Bawa, Financial Research Analyst at ValueNotes Database Ltd., Pune. Now, PHD Student at IIM Raipur. APEEJAY-IVolunteer Awardee 2011( Finalist). Volunteered from 2007 to 2013

Anusha1It is a different and wonderful experience. I say different because sometimes we have to start from scratch as most of the students have little knowledge of Basic English.  However, their interest in learning surpasses everything and never makes me feel I am doing a tedious task.

-Binsy Pillai, Senior Software Engineer at Honeywell Automation India Ltd.  Now she is a Technology Lead at Infosys, Pune .

ShalmaliI spent a summer teaching for GREAT Foundation and throughly enjoyed myself. I taught Science and English to both 5th and 8th Std children about 4 days a week, and the experience deepened my passion for those subjects. Working with the children was incredibly rewarding, delightful and heartwarming. Indian society is subject to a huge socio-economic divide, and this was the most valuable opportunity I’ve had to breach that divide and hopefully make a small, meaningful contribution towards a much larger goal of education equality.

-Shalmali Bane, formerly student at St. Mary’s, Pune. Now at Stanford University, USA majoring in Third Year Neurobiology and minoring in Theatre and Performance Studies.

indrepreetEducation is one of the most powerful tools to strengthen the roots of society for a better and brighter tomorrow. Weekend volunteering in government schools gave me the privilege to be a part of an environment filled with innocence, playfulness, and inquisitiveness. A very gratifying and pleasurable experience through GREAT Foundation!

-Inderpreet Arora: Now Senior Engineer, Renault Nissan Alliance, Chennaii.

Puneet GoyalBefore my first lecture, I was hell nervous. I had never held a class before. And teaching a class full of 50 kids was like a nightmare. I knew that these kids were not from my part of society, they had a different culture and upbringing. I was warned that some of them were notorious brats. But the day I started teaching, I was in love with them. Though there are a few exceptions, most of the kids have a spark and the will to change their lives. Unlike my childhood days, they are more attentive and eager. They valued my spending time with them.

-Puneet Goyal, Formerly Software Professional at GS Lab. Now Team Lead Software Operations Nariman Finvest Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

Sulbha BhagwatI taught English to Class IX at Mahadji Shinde High School during June-August 2012. The students knew best to write English and were less able to read, but when it came to speaking, they were shy as they lacked the practice. Therefore, I emphasised Spoken English using lots of games, readings and discussions. For a most-of-the-time homemaker, teaching these students English gave me a boost of confidence, especially when they began greeting me in English and asking me “How are you?” Their confidence in speaking English definitely went up a few notches.. I thank GREAT Foundation for giving me this remarkable opportunity.

-Sulbha Bhagwat used to teach English in Hongkong. Now she is a homemaker and volunteers for GREAT Foundation

IMG_86181288985413I started volunteering with GREAT Foundation 3 years ago and I had the best time of my life while teaching the kids. I received all the support required while teaching and the follow up also was good. Would love to be a part of this organization in the future as well.

-Pritesh Kodgire