Project Udaan, started in May 2016 with 40 less privileged students of Std 9, aims to help poor children clear competitive exams like the JEE by strengthening their core concepts in Science, Math, and English. The project aims to coach bright students starting with 9th graders from government and low fee civic schools for 4 years to prepare them for these tough exams. Students whose parental income is below Rs. 2.5 Lakhs per annum have been selected. In this year we have total 39 students, 26 in Std 10 and 13 in Std 11.

We are aiming to take this number to 100 per year.

GREAT Foundation has well experienced and passionate teachers to build the capacities of these children who have the merit but not the means to get into institutions of national repute such as the IITs, NITs, BITS, COEP, NDA, IISER, etc. GREAT Foundation has set up a special centre to give them all the additional support they need to make it to their goal. The students are also taught English to help them understand lectures and test papers now and later.


Project Udaan students with their English teacher.

The FAQs below should clarify most common questions for prospective donors.

Project Udaan aims to select about 40 bright yet less privileged standard 9 students and coach them rigorously for four years so they succeed in competitive entrance exams such as the JEE and join good engineering and science colleges. The course focuses on concept clarification in Physics, Chemistry, Math, Logical reasoning and problem solving ability. Under the project, GREAT Foundation handholds the students to ensure maximum benefit and minimum dropouts.

The fund-raising campaign covers the expenses required for the Foundation Course offered to standard 9 and 10 students (Phase I) only. At the end of the standard 10 coaching, another entrance test screens for aptitude and admission to the Comprehensive Program for the students in standard 11 and 12 (Phase II). While some students who were in Phase I are not admitted for Phase II, they too derive benefit in their continuing education. Fund-raising for Phase II will be carried out at the time our first batch completes Phase I (March 2019).

The FAQ below should clarify most common questions for prospective donors.

1.  What is the expenditure cost per student?

INR 24K per year for two years for every student supported in Phase I, that is, for each of the selected 9th and 10th standard student. A donor may support more than one student. Minimum two-year commitment sought.

2.How do I pay?
Please use the instructions below, also available at
a. E-payment via UPI, once we get our Virtual Payment Address tied to GREAT Foundation’s ICICI A/C. Expected by next week. Till then, please donate into our account . Details available below:
b. Donate online at

3.What is the tax exemption and when will I get the receipt?
All donations higher than Rs. 500/- are eligible for 50% tax rebate, vide GREAT Foundation’s 80G certificate.A receipt is issued and sent to the donor within 7 days of GREAT Foundation getting a notification that the donation amount has been credited to its account.Please visit for full details.

4.When is the money required?
GREAT Foundation should receive your donation remittance by 31st March 2017.

5.How will my money be used?
The money will be used for
a. JEE Coaching: Enrolling the student under Project Udaan
b. Student selection: Sourcing the right students through the school programs already present and then filtering them based on GREAT Foundation’s careful screening to ensure success,
c. Student counseling: Paying counselors forthe student and her parents. This counseling is critical for ensuring the success of Project Udaan,
d. English proficiency: Teaching the student English to help her understand lectures and test papers,
e. Motivation: Acting as a bridge between the teachers, the student, and her school, supporting the student when he/she has difficulties, and
f. Governance and oversight: Project management, logistics, monitoring and evaluation, impact report preparation.No money is taken from the student for the course.

6.How can I engage with the beneficiary?
As a donor, you may identify a specific student you wish to support. GREAT Foundation will ensure a regular interaction with your student. You may visit the project site where classes are held every week and interact with the student. In any case, GREAT Foundation will share details of overall progress of the project with all the donors periodically.

7.How are the students selected?
GREAT Foundation leverages the school programs already in place to identify meritorious students. It carries out further screening through an entrance test evaluating the intelligence and aptitude of the students.

8.How many students drop out and for what reasons?
Students may drop out due to poor health or loss of interest. So far only three students out of 40 have dropped out – one on health grounds and two for lack of interest.

9.How does GREAT Foundation ensure the student’s successful completion?
The GREAT Foundation team monitors every student’s performance and counsels her individually about how she could improve. Specifically, the GREAT Foundation team:
a. Engages with parents to ensure continuous commitment and encourage their wards,
b. Meets every student with parents after every bi-monthly test and motivates them,
c. Arranges extramural lectures for the students, and helps them tide over problems with academics through the teachers, and
d. Arranges motivational talks not only for the students but the parents also.

10.How are the parents involved in the student’s success?
Parents get periodic reports and are counseled, at times admonished, to make sure that they do not let family events affect their child’s participation.

11.As a donor, how can I monitor the student’s progress?
Donors will receive bimonthly test marks and class statistics. If desired, periodic meetings can be arranged.

12.What are the project metrics maintained?
The GREAT Foundation team maintains a dossier for each student that includes bimonthly test scores, attendance records, student and parent meeting records, and a comparison of the before and after marks the student obtains in the end. In Phase I, there is no assessment made w.r.t. the potential to pass in the eventual entrance examination.

13.Is regular school class progress affected by this participation?
Yes, in a very positive way. A student getting coached under Project Udaan starts performing better in regular classes too as his/her conceptual mastery goes up. In rare cases, if a student is not able to cope with the load of Project Udaan, the GREAT Foundation team handles the case sensitively with the student, the parents, and the school, and recommends the best possible course of action, while keeping the student’s interests in mind.

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