Project STEM (Science, Technology, English and Math learning) proposes to build the skills of teachers in using technology to teach, and ensuring that the students In government schools learn the basic concepts in Science, Math and English correctly. It involves training educators in e-learning pedagogic skills for effective transfer of concepts in Science, Technology, Mathematics in school students.

The project includes classroom–based learning through well designed e-learning modules. The USP of the modules is that they measure the learning outcomes of the students after every unit and help the teacher know where she needs to intervene and re-explain the concept. Tried and tested modern technology that is SSC Board curriculum-based, multilingual and interactive has been selected.

A total of around 5000 students in 16 schools will be impacted along with 50 Science, Math and English teachers are being trained and fully equipped to use e-content at the end of the project. The schools where the program is being run are schools in Pune where previous projects like our Project Vigyaan-the earlier version of Project STEM- has been offered in 78 schools with 40,000 students in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi-NCR

Project STEM will take the project impact to its logical conclusion – from kindling interest to conceptual mastery. The focus will be both on the teachers and on the students of Primary as well as High Schools offering Science, Math and English.