Homework Classes in Science and Math

2GREAT Foundation offers  free of cost Homework Classes in Science and Math daily to students of Std IX and X studying in government schools. It offers these classes under the supervision of well-trained Facilitators who give the students extended practice and problem solving exercises based on their regular Science / Math Teacher’s coverage in class. The objective is to strengthen the foundation of the students in Science and Math and help them do well in their Board exams and in college.

The project is currently offered in one school in Pune and impacts around 200 children.

Teacher Training

Science activity being performed by children in schoolVolunteers conduct a science activity with school children in the lead

Do you know the scientific principle?

Do you know the scientific principle?

Children experimenting with Science Toys

Children experimenting with Science Toys

Proud winners of several prizes in the World in Motion Car Competition

Proud winners of several prizes in the World in Motion Car Competition

The Science Outreach project was run in three schools with the help of volunteers for three years. Children were encouraged to bring trash material to create science toys and learn science in a fun way. This project was run every Saturday and trained for the National World in Motion Car competition organized by ARAI every year in Pune. Making a humble beginning, the students went on to win the first prize in two tracks and the second prize in other years. They competed with around 90 schools including IB schools. The project was run before the establishment of the Science Lab in schools.


Holistic Development

In partnership with other NGOs and sometimes on its own GREAT Foundation offers a variety of programs to enable the overall development of students studying in the government schools we work with.

Picture10Exposure to Hindustani Vocal Music with Aparna Plashikar through SPIC MACAY: Impact: 04 schools, 1200 students

Picture11Aptitude Testing was done with help of SCERT Counselors.    Impact: 02 Schools, 157 students

Story-telling on Skype with CAN Trust 

Once a week, CAN Trust volunteers come online with every class and tell them a story on Skype for one hour from different cultures, emphasizing plurality and universal values

Impact: Started in one school for 380 Students (Stds IV to VIII).

Leadership Development

Picture8Picture9Students satirizing the habits they wished to change through skits! Impact: One School, 440 students every year.


GREAT Foundation partnered with NAACH India to teach the students dance.

Picture7Impact: One School, 50 students

Life Skills with Brahma Kumaris

Children from low income communities experience a lot of violence and rejection in their lives. They experience depression, low self-esteem and anger. The sessions with the Brahma Kumaris and Kumars helps them see themselves in a positive light and makes them feel responsible for their actions and shed fear of the exams.

Picture5Impact: One School, 250 students yearly

Yoga and Meditation

Classes in Yoga and Meditation are organized every year to help students develop self confidence through concentration and mind power techniques.


A Session with Volunteers from abroad

It helps when underprivileged students meet foreign volunteers and learn new things from them. Here they are learning about Animation from Nora of Korea.

Picture1Impact: One school, 30 primary class students


Occasionally visits from public school students were arranged to teach sports and motivate the students of government schools.

Picture2Impact: One School, 60 students

Material Resources 

No child can study without some material resources which are essential. These include stationery, computers, textbooks, Library books, even  furniture. GREAT Foundation provides these resources to less privileged children studying in government schools on request from their School Principals.

Computers for Government Schools

 Impact: 8 schools, 50 computers, 2000 students


GREAT Foundation was instrumental in starting computer education training for the students of Stds V to X in three High Schools in 2010. GREAT Foundation approached Vedanta Foundation and explored the possibility of a tie-up for training the students in computers and the latter expressed their readiness. The CEO of Pune Cantonment Board Dr. D.K. Mallik was approached and requested for a tripartite agreement between PCB, Vedanta Foundation and GREAT Foundation which was signed on 14th September, 2010. This was a historic step for PCB High schools. Since then, around 2000 students studying in Stds V to X are being regularly trained in computer skills every year. However as a shortage of computers was seen. GREAT Foundation has been periodically stepping in to provide computers to such schools.

Distribution of Stationery is important as less privileged children cannot afford to buy  6 to 12 notebooks per grade. One cannot imagine a child studying without notebooks. But this is a reality in most government schools. Every year GREAT Foundation makes it a point to collect donations  and buy stationery for the children or motivates corporate volunteers to gift them to the children.

Impact: 08 schools, 3850 students.

Books have been donated to Libraries in government schools.

Impact:06 schools, 2000 students

Text book Libraries for Stds IX and X have been created in some High schools as the government provides text books only up to Std. VIII.

Impact: 04 Schools, 1400 students.