Power lies in the hands of today’s youth. So, it is our prime responsibility to not only to strengthen our foundation but also the underprivileged. Ignited with this passion, Great Foundation helped
empower the 10th standard students by providing educational workbooks for study purpose in their very first but crucial exam.

Six enthusiastic GREAT volunteers worked on arranging the collection of the books & the funds for the same to be provided to the 200 students. In fact, it was a difficult task to manage the same. But, where there is a will, there is way. The workbooks for 2 subjects such as English & Physical education were successfully distributed to 200 students in Oct. 2012.

Our volunteers also discussed with the students on topics such as how to go about their studies, interests & hobbies. Through this interaction, an effort was made to motivate the 10th std students to work hard, systematically & perform well in the final board exams.

We wish them all the best & are grateful to the donors for their generous offerings that helped provide aid to these students.

Kudos to team GREAT

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