Anand Kadu and Anand Mane are both very enthusiastic 14 year old students. They like to take part in the school drama, enjoy working on the computers, have good drawing skills and want to excel academically.


or when she grows up. Her mother says that she will support her daughter to have a career that she wants. Hemlata’s parents have sent her to stay with her uncle at Pune so that she can attend a good school, do well academically and then pursue her dream of getting a commerce degree.

All these 4 students study at Dr Ambedkar Memorial high school near Golibar maidan at Pune. They have been given ‘Aasha for education’ – Great foundation scholarship so that they can buy books and study material, that will help them achieve their dream.

The scholarship has been given by Ashwini and Bipin Deo in memory of Ashwini’s mother, Asha Chintamani  Inamdar. Asha Inamdar, a professor’s wife, had always welcomed students at her home. She supported them financially as well as by helping them with meals. Now Ashwini is carrying her mother’s legacy forward.

Ashwini and Bipin Deo, both interacted with the students and encouraged them to study well. This genuine encouragement is appreciated by not only the students but also their parents and teachers alike. Thank you Ashwini and Bipin!

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